Podcasts 2021

If you’re anything like me, you have been relying on podcasts to get through the past year! I’ve listened to a huge amount of podcasts covering a lot of genres – and I’ve put together a list of, what I think, are the top 5 that I listen to. So whether you listen to them in the car, while exercising or just having a cup of tea, here are my podcast recommendations:

1. You’re Wrong About

I started listening to this podcast at the end of 2019 and I’ve been eagerly awaiting each new episode since! Hosted by writers Michael Hobbes and Sarah Marshall, each episode is focussed on revisiting cultural events from the past that have been misrepresented and misremembered by the media. There’s episodes on everything Marie Antoinette and the O J Simpson trials, from Princess Diana to the use of ‘political correctness’ . I love that the show is formatted so that one host has done research on a topic and is walking the other host through it. This makes it feel less lecture-y than other podcasts and you feel like you’re learning along with them. I also just love the conversational and fun tone of it and they never fail to make me laugh. If you like something light hearted and interesting to listen to while you’re walking or driving, this is definitely a top choice.

2. You’re Dead To Me

The tagline of this podcast is “the history podcast for people who don’t like history”, but as a history lover I can confirm this is definitely a podcast for history lovers and history haters! The podcast is run by BBC Radio 4 and is hosted by author (and historical consultant for Horrible Histories!) Greg Jenner. Each episode Greg is joined by a historian and a comedian as they work their way through telling tales from throughout history. They cover everything from Norse mythology to Ancient Babylon, from the European Witch trials to the birth of America. There’s an episode for everyone and I love the way they make history accessible and hilarious to learn.

3. Off Menu

Something I could listen to people talk about for hours is food. I think it’s incredible how much talking about food can stimulate conversation and reveal a lot about someone as a person. This podcast, hosted by comedians Ed Gamble and James Acaster is hilarious, interesting and unique. Each episode they invite a celebrity into the “dream restaurant” where they can choose any starter, main, side, drink and dessert. The conversations that arise around their choices are so funny and interesting. My only complaint is that I always finish an episode feeling hungry! If you like to get meal inspiration while also being entertained, this is a brilliant choice.

4. Griefcast

This podcast was an incredibly needed find for me over the past year. Comedian Cariad Lloyd is joined by different guests every week who talk about death and how they’ve coped with grief in their life. It sounds quite glum – but it really is such an uplifting podcast. Cariad herself describes it as “a place to talk, share and laugh about the peculiar human process of death and grief”, and I couldn’t put it better myself. It’s funny and heartwarming and has been a real help to me personally. I would recommend it to anyone dealing with losing someone, or anyone who has lost someone.

5. The Plant Based Podcast

This is by far my favourite podcast to listen to while I’m gardening! It’s hosted by TV Presenters and Gardeners Michael Perry and Ellen Mary, as they explore everything and anything that can be traced back to plants. There’s no doubt that plants are becoming more popular, with more and more people switching to plant based diets, becoming aware how plants can contribute to health and wellbeing, or just realising how awesome house plants can be! This podcast is so fascinating and relaxing to listen to and I still learn something new every single episode.